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1. Should be washed with special aid what is designed for hair extensions (hair shampoo, balm, mask what makes hair smooth, shiny and beautiful, and does not spoil the capsule).

2. On wet hair ends apply fluid what is designed for hair extensions to eliminate and reduce disunion of hair ends, feed them and also to have smoother and sleeker hair.

3. Hair should be washed while standing in the shower and head should be bent backwards not forwards.

4. Comb with a special hairbrush what is designed for hair extensions.

5. In the night plait the hair in a braid or in a tail.

6. Do not go to bed with wet, not dried hair because in the morning they get disheveled and you will not be able to comb them.

7. You must not apply hair foam on the hair roots (on capsules).

8. Hair must be straightened with the hair straightener with ceramic surface (preferably up to 180 degrees) so that hair looked straight and smooth.

9. It is prohibited to touch capsules with hair straightener because as a result the capsules may become soft and stick all together.

10. It is dangerous to form hair with a diffuser directly at the roots and use foam because there the hair may also get disheveled and will be difficult to comb them.








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