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Hair extension courses

We train to increase hair on кератиновые capsules and a gluing method (US-Tape). It to you will allow to master bases of cold or hot escalating. To receive knowledge and practical skil€, will help you to become the professional expert in a hair extension.
This will be as an excellent and well paid supplement to the basic profession what you will be able to combine with training, work or you can turn to it really serious and establish it as a basic work.

Training time: 1 day
Language of instruction: Russian or Latvian

Our program includes materia€ that are needed for your training.

Theory: introduce with required production, hair extension, removal, prophylaxis and care.
Practical part: the hair extension, removal, prophylaxis of new capsules is done on a special mannequin.

You can quickly and well learn to increase hair, because we work with each client individually.

Buying a starter kit from us, you will be able to start our work on the first day after the courses.

We don’t issue certificates.

Price: 57,00 €



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